Red Leopard X Dorothee Schumacher 

How ridiculously cool was this event at with Red Leopard at Dorothea Schumacher? This is what I keep asking myself, all the way home. These ladies KMOW what they are talking about and dare I say it, make your life better by departing with that knowledge.

By the time I left this WIN event I felt like my life would take a different and better trajectory!

Red Leopard tested colours against my skin tone, showed ones that made me look sickly and which ones made me look tremendous. Useful information eh?!

The difference was severe and certain, complete with Ooohs and Ahhhs from the surrounding ladies.

This event was just sample of their expertise but I will be availing of their service ASAP. The phrase “money well spent”‘ springs to mind.

Aside from the insights, the evening was really fun. I made three new friends and a bundle of acquaintances. My heart was lifted, as it always is with Cecilia’s Events. I met ladies I hadn’t seen for a while and caught up with others, I had a few glasses of bubbly, the canapés were seriously sumptuous. AND we got goodie bags.

I am so outrageously glad I went.

dororthy collage

Maeve Staunton is an Architect with John Robertson Architects and she sits on the board of WIN

If you would like more information, contact Manina or Annie

WINners mingle at the House of Lords by Maeve Staunton Henderson

14753733_10155432342377796_7418958005643943534_oThis was my second year at the House of Lords to hear the Baronesses and their stories. It is quite a magical evening and this year did not disappoint. I was excited all afternoon, braved the London traffic in a rainstorm, and approached Westminster with the awe it commands. Designed by Charles Barry and Pugin, who in fact ended up in Bedlam for his exertions in designing the masterpiece, its Gothic Revival pointed arches loom over and impress upon the entrant a sense of drama.

The austerity of the exterior and the charm of the staff, the intense airport like security within decadent wall to-wall oak panelling, these juxtapositions add to the sense that this is not an evening like any other.

After some time to mingle, to indulge in the delicious canapés and a glass of wine, the first to speak was Baroness Berbridge. Her mandate is helping those who are persecuted for their religious faith. Despite the grave topic of her work, the Baroness gave a cheerful and humorous recollection of her personal journey. She spoke of the importance of taking advice and finding the right people to mentor you. She impressed that good advice can be hard to hear. And to be mindful of what you are passionate about, because it is likely to be what you are innately good at.

Next up was Baronness Joyce Gould of Potternewton who surprised us all with her statement that she is beginning to write her memoirs at the ripe old age of eighty! She believes it is important to understand one’s own motivation, hers deriving from her Grandfather having helped his community before her. Her legacy is the much improved position of women in the Labour Party and reduction in the number of babies born with HIV to below 1%.

The Baroness Lister of Burtersett CBE mentioned her parents as drivers to her success. Her mother spoke Esperanto which gave the young Lady Burtersett an international outlook from childhood. She is most proud of her work with the Child Poverty Action Group. She reminds herself daily of the incredible privilege that allows herself and her peers to hold the Government to account.

Baroness Morgan clams that a whole lot of listening got her to where she is today. She loves working in the field of Breast Cancer Research and the fact that now the UK has a dedicated research facility. Her hot tip was to ensure when making a point, it is made clearly and succinctly.

All of the Baronesses mentioned working hard, listening, taking advice, taking risks and getting lucky. The necessity of work-life-balance was spoken about quite frankly. Hear hear!

I left feeling inspired, with a revived sense of motivation and already looking forward to next year. A big thank you to Cecilia Gallagher and Baroness Blood for organising and to Rosaleen Blair, founder of Alexander Mann Solutions for sponsoring the event.


Maeve Staunton Henderson

March 2015 – Museum of London

Under the City of London, and Sherlock’s watchful eye, the Women’s Irish Network recently discovered the inner world of philanthropy.

WIN at Museum of London-banner

Nat Sloane, Chair of the Big Lottery Fund, philanthropist and social investment visionary was the esteemed guest speaker at the most recent Women’s Irish Network event on February 9th. A turnout rivalling our record gathered in the shimmering Sackler Hall at the Museum of London for this collaborative event with the Irish International Business Network. His Excellency Ambassador Dan Mulhall attended, enjoying a rare opportunity to deputise for his wife Greta, who is one of the core WIN Committee members.

Director of the Museum, Sharon Arment kicked things off with an overview of the museum’s current and future plans, which clearly illustrated her genuine passion for the organisation. (We will certainly be back for the Music Hall Factor in May!).

Then, WIN members delighted as Mr. Sloane recounted his unconventional journey through multiple industries to become the significant influencer that he is today. Not unlike Sherlock Holmes himself, Mr. Sloane was led by curiosity and determination, which together ensured he was never satisfied to just accept the apparent limitations around him, and others. One WIN member commented that this “inspirational speaker” makes one feels they “should be a lot more pro-active in helping others.”

What was particularly popular was his call for major grant bodies to understand the short sightedness of only funding organisations for one year at a time. This, he went on to explain, undermines the applicant’s aspirations and capabilities, and wastes valuable time each year on annual applications, which could be put to better use continuing to develop and deliver valuable, successful services. Much better, he said, to fund 3, 5 or 10-year projects so that the truly needy come first. One attendee later commented: “I can wholly relate to his inspiration at seeing the contagious impact of giving underprivileged students an opportunity!”

WIN members’ many questions posed to Mr. Sloane were answered with all the necessary finesse, sometimes lengthy and “three-fold” in nature, and equally monosyllabic in refreshing simplicity, as required.

With our collective imagination peaked, we were then released into the depths of the museum for an exclusive access tour of the Sherlock Holmes exhibition, ‘The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die’. This included Monet’s 1902 ‘Pont de Londres’, and numerous rare and intriguing Holmes related artefacts. We also discovered the Olympic Cauldron from the 2012 London Olympics, whose grandeur was vastly increased by its darkened room, bringing even the most ardent networker to thoughtful silence.

WIN events are always interesting, surprising, and entertaining. The Museum of London event (one of the most popular ever run by WIN) certainly did not disappoint.

WIN Chair, Cecilia Gallagher noted: “The fact that the event was sold out a week before and that such a diverse group of people attended, showed to me that Philanthropy is seen today as part of peoples working life and something to be celebrated. Nat Sloane certainly showed that it is such a worthwhile and rewarding thing to do.”

This event was kindly sponsored by Strange Music. All proceeds from this, and all WIN events go directly to the Irish Youth Foundation.

The Women’s Irish Network is now keenly approaching our next event: 21st April: A Gathering at Daniel Galvin’s Hair Salon in London, where two lucky attendees will be chosen for a free hair make-over. Daniel Galvin is a multi award winning stylist and renowned master of colour techniques, with an honour from the Queen for his inspirational work. Find out more on the WIN website:

Blog by
Kelly O’Connor
Irish Film Festival

This year’s Irish Film festival will take place 18th – 22nd of November, across 5 London venues: Tricycle Theatre and Cinema, The ICA, Europe House and Picturehouse cinemas in Clapham and Hackney. Our Line-up includes UK Premieres, Directors’ Q&As, and special film related talks. 

Angela Hartnett chats to WIN

Angela-Hartnett-007Did you know Irish women like to breakfast early even when it’s a crisp, cold January morning? However we don’t get out of bed early, take time over our wardrobe, squeeze into the Manalo Blahnik’s for anyone, oh no we are particular. And Angela Hartnett is someone we are happy to do just that for and to set our early alarms.

There aren’t many situations where I feel a little tingle of excitement as I stand on the platform at 6.45am at Beckenham Junction train station in January. However Wednesday was one and I was thrilled to I step through the doors of Corrigan’s in Mayfair to be warmed by the lovely greeting and welcome from our chair Cecilia Gallagher. Just to diverge slightly, Cecilia is the quintessential host, working the room in a warm, embracing, gentle manner, making sure no one is alone, keeping the group under control – tricky as that is – and setting the tone for our gatherings. What more could WIN ask for I wonder?

It took about ten minutes for the room to fill up and it became apparent that not only are Irish women happy to rise early, they are happy to chat as well, evident by the rise in noise levels as we gathered. Cecilia sets the example of a welcoming, warm atmosphere and the full house and increased noise levels from chatter are a testament to her style. If you are not a member of WIN now this is a good moment to join.

Croissants, pastries, cheese and ham with fresh juice and strong, proper coffee were available and served by the professionals. If you have never been to Corrigan’s I would urge you to go now. The food, simple as it was, was spot on and the team on that morning were excellent. I suspect there was not a huge choice as to who worked the session however they were eager to please and serve and they embodied the professionalism that both Angela and Richard would expect. The decor is understated elegance, think of an Irish country house furnished by people with taste and old money (i.e. not the prize bonds) and you get a sense. Warm, inviting and somewhere you snuggle into for an evening of Michelin quality food. A must for everyone, at least once, go on treat yourself, it’s going to be a good year.

It was easy for us to be encouraged to sit down as we were eager to hear from Angela. In fact as she appeared out of the kitchen in her chef’s whites, there was a hushed mummer around the room “oh there’s Angela’s”.
A quick and professional introduction from Mary Daly from AIB-UK, our most generous sponsors. And then we had our star: Angela.

Corrigans of Mayfair, London

Corrigans of Mayfair, London

It is hard to get a sense of people just from TV or magazine articles, you feel you get to know them but is that true? Clearly by the full house that turned up we all had the same feelings about Angela and she lived up to our expectations. Speaking without notes, it was like she was just having a chat with us, no agenda from her, no side, just happy to share her thoughts and stories of her life both professional and family. It was a delightful and we were in awe and entertained. Sharing thoughts about starting work with Gordon, how he encouraged her, to sharing anecdotes about family dinners, to how she runs her business today, it was an inspiring talk without the need for rabble rousing. It was testament as to how much we enjoyed the talk that the questions kept coming and coming.


Sheila O’Reilly – WIN Member

The House of Lords – 13th of Oct 2014

Would a torrential downpour, dreadful London traffic and trouble on the Tube, deter 90+ Irish women attending an inspirational evening in the lavish surroundings of the House of Lords I ask? No of course not; and so the biggest crowd in its short history arrived in the Cholmondeley Room, albeit wishing for wellies rather than their Jimmy Choos.

Hosted by Baroness May Blood and sponsored by Alexander Mann Solutions, this was more than your standard networking event. This was an event asking each of us to look in the mirror, to ask what can we do for others, and to inspire us to try to reach for our goals? Trying and failing is far worse than not trying in the first place says Baroness May Blood.

Baroness Blood

Baroness Blood

A quick, humorous and self-deprecating introduction from Baroness May Blood began the proceedings before she asked Baroness Scotland to take the floor. Baroness Scotland was the first woman to hold the Office of Attorney General for England & Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland. She introduced herself as “an only child of 12” sharing details of her early life in Dominica and delighting the audience with details of a conversation with her father when she was six years of age. He asked her what she was going to do to when she expressed disgust at the apartheid regime in South Africa. She gave up eating fruit, her favourite food. Even at six she realised as one person, she could make a difference. In the early sixties her parents, wanting to better themselves and give their children a chance to go to university, the family moved to England. She trained as a barrister and rose through the ranks quickly though not without its challenges. She studied law despite a lecturer’s warning that being black and female might be too big a hurdle to overcome!

In June 2007 Tony, or Mr Blair to you and me, called her and offered her the post of Attorney General. This was the very opportunity she needed in order to make a difference, just as her father had challenged her to when she was six. Tony gave her two objectives: reduce crime and reduce domestic violence. She responded by asking him what he would like her to do with the rest of her time. She did however achieve her goals and she can proudly stand up and declare that her department was responsible for the Crime and Victims Act which resulted in a 64% reduction in domestic violent crime in the UK by 2009 and saving billons in departmental budgets. Achieved, how you might ask? By working together, bringing people together who are at the forefront of these battles.

Somehow I don’t think that’s the last we will hear of Baroness Scotland. Thankfully

Baroness Scotland or Patricia to us, and WIN’s new best friend, was a hard act to follow and this task was taken on by Baroness Goudie who is a veteran (in a good way) of the Lords. Baroness Goudie is a recipient of the 2010 Global Power Award and in 2011 she received Women Sphere Global Leadership Award for her work with the G20 championing the role of women in the global economy. She is a member of the equal rights organization La Pietra Coalition which attempts to further its goal of “Empowering Women Is Smart Economics”. The Baroness is a founding member of the 30% Club which aims to promote the inclusion of more women on the boards of UK companies.

Born in the UK to Irish parents she has spent as much time in Ireland as the UK with family, friends, and businesses so is well used to the cultural nuances of each. She knows how close the communities in each are to each other and how closely we can work together to make a difference. She is launching her 30% campaign in Ireland in the New Year and we must all support her in this endeavour. Her simple but clear message was that we can all make a difference, just look for the opportunity. Unsurprisingly these two esteemed people are very much in demand and left us to head onto other meetings.

The final speaker of the evening was Baroness Jenkin who has parliamentary blood practically running through her veins with her grandparents on both sides and her husband having served in government. Baroness Jenkin is a shining and accessible example of the establishment and how actions speak louder than words. Yet again Baroness Jenkin showed us that we can all take our situation and use it to help others.

Having begun at 6.30pm the evening sped along and before we knew it the speeches were over and a final round of drinks was being served. This enabled a very leisurely chance to chat and meet new people. I for one met Cecilia Gallagher, chair of WIN who leads by example, Kelly O’Connor from Irish Film Festival and Avril MacRory from Silverapples Media. This was my second WIN event having attended the bash at the embassy back in 24th June and what a friendly bunch of people I’ve met. Everyone is happy to engage in conversation, ask how they can help, what they can do for you and share advice. But why am I surprised, we are Irish after all!

Kindest Regards
Sheila O’Reilly
Dulwich Books

Dervilla Mitchell has breakfast with WIN

Dervilla Mitchell aThe WIN breakfast in Sept was a great success and Irish born and educated Structural Engineer at Arup’s Dervilla Mitchell gave us an insight into her passion for her own job and working on exciting projects such as Heathrow Terminal 5, Portcullis House and Goodwood Racecourse. She also inspires the next generation in schools into careers in Structural engineering. Dervilla has proven that qualities such as empathy and compassion are fundamental to inspiring team leadership.

It was great to hear from a woman who made it to the top in her profession and has many achievements along her career. Dervilla helped establish Arup’s women’s network, ConnectWomen, leading the team which researched and shaped proposals for mentoring. Dervilla is passionate about encouraging women into SET professions and has been involved in running careers in schools. Her example of raising a family whilst working with a high level of responsibility is widely respected and she is much in demand as a mentor of both women and men, taking great satisfaction in their career development. She is also a founding member of Arup’s Diversity Steering Group which aims is to create a work environment based on fairness, respect and merit, and is championing Arup’s Inclusive Leadership Programme to help deliver a more diverse organisation.

The Women’s Engineering Society identified Dervilla as one of the 90 most inspiring women and she won the Women of Outstanding Achievement Awards for Inspiration and Leadership.

What are three things she thought never thought would happen?

Surprised to be in London for 25 years, Surprised at the length of her career and surprised to be the the first female engineer on the group board at Arup. She says, “All in all, its been a great Journey” . One of her particular skills is bringing people together and she certainly did that at the WIN breakfast.

Angela Brady

Our Blog

Angela Brady has breakfast with WIN

Angela Brady

At a packed Corrigan’s of Mayfair, the first WIN breakfast of 2014 launched into action with a riveting presentation By Angela Brady. Angela chose to talk to us today about her various campaigns as she is the mistress of successful campaigning for causes close to her heart. Her first campaign, almost 30 years ago was to persuade the UK Architectural Registration Board to recognise the degree in architecture offered by Bolton St College of Technology – now DIT. Having dealt with that particular obstacle promptly, she then moved on to tackle the presence of women in the architectural profession, launching the organisation Women in Architecture which she chaired. She created a touring exhibition of great designs by British and Irish women – an exhibition which was only intended to run in London but was such a success that it eventually toured to 34 countries.

Then Angela campaigned to become President of RIBA – the Royal institute of British Architects and succeeded. The first Irish person to lead RIBA since its founding in 1834 and only the second woman. Her term as president coincided with the arrival of the 2012 Olympics in London – a critical opportunity to draw attention to the brilliant work done by British Architects, engineers designers and landscapers in creating the Olympic park – the most sustainable Olympics to date. Here she met the immoveable force of the IOC and its draconian policy of allowing only official sponsors to publicise their contribution. Angela Brady took them on and won – finally  wining the license to distribute the promotional films she made showcasing the incredible achievements in East London. During that campaign, Angela designed a dress which listed all the names of those British experts who had designed and built the park and photographs of all the projects…. When she described this extraordinary garment today, one of our guests, Sharon Ament, Director of the Museum of London asked if Angela would donate the dress to the Museum, to be included in the  collection of Protest clothes. So WIN has made it possible for this wonderful act to happen – we shall all have to visit the museum to see it in situ.

During the Q and A – Angela was asked how she had succeeded in such a male dominated industry – she had many pearls of wisdom to offer but one of the most memorable was her challenge to the room to hold up their business cards – in 10 seconds. As everyone scrabbled in their bags, she made the point that a man would have gotten his cards out around the room in half the time because he would have kept his in his pocket! Congratulations to Angela for a wonderfully inspiring speech and we all wish her continued success. WIN is lucky to have her on the Executive board from this year. WIN would like to thank Corrigan’s for such a lovely breakfast served by such helpful and friendly people and a very special thanks to AIB for generously sponsoring the 2014 season of business breakfasts. We are very grateful for AIB’s on-going support. See you all at the Irish Embassy on Tuesday April 29th for our WIN Networking evening, when we shall be guests of Ambassador Dan Mulhall and Mrs. Greta Mulhall.

Avril MacRory – 26.02.14

“Where did you get that HAT!” Lunch @ Corrigans, June 2013

‘Hats off’ to another great WIN event!

There were Mothers and Daughters, 2 Carmen Mirandas, 1 Mad Hatter, a famous Irish actress, a Jackson Pollock splattered policeman’s helmet, some stupendously creative homemade headgear, glamorous designer chapeaux and one glamorous Chapeau Designer!Photo 17-06-2013 00 04 00

What else could bring all these wonderful hats and people together but the inaugural WIN ‘Where Did You Get that Hat’ Lunch in Corrigan’s of Mayfair on Saturday June 15th?

It was such fun to see us all dressed up and chatting 19 to the dozen. Our guest of honour and hat judge, our very own Norah Casey, looked Absolutely Fabulous, smiling and beautiful as she herself wore a 1920’s style, small cloche and netting design by Secret Milliner, Sarah McGahan and Lady Mary Clancy sported an of-the-moment monochrome outfit topped off by a splendid black and white hat designed, Mary is not sure by whom – but it was fabulous!

We were delighted to welcome Fiona Mangan – a wonderful Milliner  from the low-lying-fields-of Athenry who not only joined us for lunch wearing her own pink creation, but she has promised to join WIN. Most importantly, Fiona donated one of her beautiful hats to our raffle and the lucky winner, Clare Fundell  was thrilled to wear Fiona’s hat home. Another gorgeous hat was donated by Secret Milliner – Irish designer Sarah McGahan Millinery and won by Antoinette.

We are so grateful to them both and especially to Phillip Treacy who donated a stunning wide-brimmed perfect-for-Ascot hat which was auctioned during lunch and of course, as with all WIN events, all the profits will be donated to the Irish Youth Foundation – so huge cyber cheers for the extraordinary generosity of our wonderful Irish Milliners who donated such beautiful works of Art.

Well done to the gentlemen who braved the feathers, bows, straw and lace to join us – especially Fionn O’Brien in full morning suit and very elegant Top hat and Ron with his straw vintage number. John Hubbard is always welcome whether he wears a hat or not!.

Norah set the competition into 3 categories:


Most Unusual

Most Stylish


The winners were:

Homemade: – Grace Vallorani for her fabulous black velvet and green pipe cleaners creation – in case anyone was in any doubt – it said HAT loudly on top! – Honourable mentions in this category, included Catherine Gallagher for her aforementioned modern art helmet – her Glastonbury hat.

Most Unusual:  – Nicola Cregan for her NY-designed high-crowned hat which reminded us all of South American movies set in the Andes. Also nominated in this category were Dearbhla Molloy whose black velvet Shakespearian  bonnet worn backwards, had been “liberated” from the RADA costume store.


Most Stlyish:   – Jessica Shovelle who is 15, currently sitting her GCSE’s and looked stunning. She was there with her mother Mary, who also looked  gorgeous. Congratulations Jessica and good luck with the exams! Nominated in this category were: Anne James, Lindy Adlam who received a round of applause for her dress made by her very own self, Victoria Epsley with her oh-so-elegant red rose and ahem…. myself!

Huge thanks also due yet again to Richard Corrigan and his brilliant team at Corrigans of Mayfair who have been such a great support to so many of our events. Richard looking slim, trim and brim-full of handsomeness joined us for a drink at the end of the event. The food was beyond delicious and it was great to see him and be able to thank him personally.

Cecilia Gallagher and her lovely daughter Catherine did so much of the organisation for the event both in advance and on the day and both looked fabulous – thank you from all of us. Thank you also to Dónal Gallagher for loaning the PA system. His generosity saves WIN so much money throughout the year and all that is saved goes straight to the IYF. Sorry you weren’t there Dónal – we know you have a  hat or two hidden away – next year!

The general consensus was that we must do it again…let us know if you agree via the website or Facebook page or old fashioned email, telephone or postcard.

Signing off, can I just add that I have used more superlatives in this piece than in anything else I have written this decade!

Have a great Summer, Gentle Ladies and Men and see you in September for the next WIN breakfast starring Helen Lambert.

Avril MacRory


Tate & Tea

“A fabulous afternoon at TATE BRITAIN”

May 19th 2013, Champagne Afternoon Tea, with host and Blue Badge tour guide, Roseleen McEwen

It was indeed as promised – a glorious Sunday afternoon with WIN!  The sun shone, and all guests met up on the lawn in front of the Tate.  Trish McEntee ‘shepherded’ the WIN group who willingly followed our fascinating Blue Badge Guide, Rosaleen McEwen.  Rosaleen had all intrigued with the ‘behind the scenes’ anecdotes and meanings of so many and varied paintings spanning the 1500’s right up today.   She wove tales of many women all immortalised in frames tapping into history, scandal, art and fashions and effortlessly transported the group in time and through the busy rooms of the Tate.  From Turner to Damien Hirst we were aware of a much larger group gathering in, hanging on every word that Rosaleen uttered!

Then there was time to revive and shop and reassemble on the front lawn of the Tate.  Full afternoon tea was served in view of the river and all glasses of champagne were raised for two toasts – our outstanding guide and our wonderful WIN members!   A final word of thanks to our Sponsor – Lady Hatch – thank you Mary!

Sunday, 19th May 2013


WIN Breakfast, April 2013 with speaker, Fiona Calnan

“Use your Networks, Ladies”

April 18th 2013 , Breakfast @ Corrigans of Mayfair, with speaker, Fiona Calnan

The quiet elegant streets of Mayfair were awoken on Thursday April the 18th at the ungodly hour of 7.30 am by a crowd of lively, glamorous women (and men) converging on Richard Corrigan’s fabulous restaurant, Corrigan’s of Mayfair. The occasion was the second breakfast of the 2013 series, hosted by Women’s Irish Network, sponsored by AIB GB and the chattering crowd were looking forward to hearing our guest speaker, Fiona Calnan, talk about her extraordinary experience as CFO and then CEO of the UK’s most successful specialist hospital company.

Our WIN membership is made up of women and men (Irish women are very inclusive) from many different fields of work and life in the UK. On this occasion many of our members present were experts in the Healthcare field and many guests from that world were also welcomed.

WIN is very grateful to AIB GB, which has generously sponsored the 2013 series of breakfasts at Corrigan’s and this was a notable occasion for the AIB Corporate team as Fiona chose AIB GB to support the start-up, huge expansion and eventual successful sale of UKSH – UK Specialist Hospitals, the company she began with her colleagues in 2005.

Fiona began by describing what she had to begin with: a field in Somerset, a small amount of the necessary investment, not enough people, desk space, printers or stationary, but she established a small but highly motivated team and from that point, not only one hospital, but 4 were successfully built, staffed and operated winning many awards and plaudits along the way.

The WIN audience was fascinated to hear about the process of starting a company like this from scratch and the hurdles Fiona met along the way. These included Badger setts in the wrong places, the requirement to plant what sounded like half a rain forest along the road to Bristol, the right number of chairs for reception never mind the incredibly daunting task of recruiting and leading the best possible medical teams. Fiona gave us some useful tips she has picked up to do with hospitals – the first of which is don’t go into hospital unless you must, opt for epidurals for hip replacements and good physio is key to recovery.

Fiona also had some sage advice about how to use your networks. Her key message was “Use every network you have and use it well”. We could not have put it better ourselves! This illustrates our WIN philosophy– we are there to offer that networking opportunity, to support, advise and help each other and to help find the all-important contact when needed.

As always, huge thanks to AIB, Richard Corrigan, our incredibly generous host and supporter, his wonderful team at Corrigan’s of Mayfair who gave us such a delicious breakfast and are always so welcoming when we pile up at the crack of dawn, to Dónal Gallagher for his continuing generosity in loaning us his PA system which not only allows us to hear every word, but also saves our charity a fortune, to Sam Griffin for technical assistance and to all the members, guests and friends who supported this event.

Lastly our very special thanks to Fiona Calnan for an inspiring speech and we wish her every success in the future.

Avril MacRory, WIN Executive Member – April 2013.