Malachy, Ciara & Ferga walk the Wicklow Way…

…and trying not to argue too much along the way! And all for Irish Youth Foundation UK because it seemed like a good idea after a few pints!

Back in 1989, our dearly departed mum Nessa set up the Irish Youth Foundation, a charity aimed at helping disadvantaged young Irish people and their families. Since then, the charity has awarded over £4.5 million in grants supporting a wide range of projects including help for the homeless; employment and training schemes; women and children escaping violence; young offenders; Irish Travellers; mental health; drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes; cross-community initiatives as well as social and cultural activities encouraging young people’s awareness of their Irish heritage.

This June, Malachy, Ciara and Ferga (and Malachy’s heroic wife Helen) will be walking the Wicklow Way to raise money for the Irish Youth Foundation; yomping the 130 odd kilometres from Dublin to Carlow across the Wicklow mountains over 5 days, and trying very hard not to bicker too much as we do it.

Please make it worth our while by donating as much as you can, or even better, come and join us for as long or as little as you can face. Malachy’s wife Helen will be eternally grateful for the moral support!


From all the O’Neill siblings (and especially Helen),