Red Leopard X Dorothee Schumacher 

How ridiculously cool was this event at with Red Leopard at Dorothea Schumacher? This is what I keep asking myself, all the way home. These ladies KMOW what they are talking about and dare I say it, make your life better by departing with that knowledge.

By the time I left this WIN event I felt like my life would take a different and better trajectory!

Red Leopard tested colours against my skin tone, showed ones that made me look sickly and which ones made me look tremendous. Useful information eh?!

The difference was severe and certain, complete with Ooohs and Ahhhs from the surrounding ladies.

This event was just sample of their expertise but I will be availing of their service ASAP. The phrase “money well spent”‘ springs to mind.

Aside from the insights, the evening was really fun. I made three new friends and a bundle of acquaintances. My heart was lifted, as it always is with Cecilia’s Events. I met ladies I hadn’t seen for a while and caught up with others, I had a few glasses of bubbly, the canapés were seriously sumptuous. AND we got goodie bags.

I am so outrageously glad I went.

dororthy collage

Maeve Staunton is an Architect with John Robertson Architects and she sits on the board of WIN

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