WIN Charities




The project supports Traveller children and their parents to access, stay and achieve in school and manage the transition from primary to secondary school. The project was funded for £3,000 by the Irish Youth Foundation towards a project cost of £5,986. We were able to secure some additional funding locally for holiday diversionary activities and focussed the IYF funding on the basic homework club activity.

Friends, Families & Travellers is a dynamic, community led charity, supporting and advocating on behalf of Gypsies & Travellers. We work with around 350 Young Irish Travellers each year. FFT delivers national telephone based advocacy work and an assertive outreach programme across East and West Sussex and the city of Brighton & Hove. The city has a high homeless population and has a long history as place of resort for Irish Travellers. Locally, we work with 108 Irish Traveller families including around 50 families living unauthorised around Brighton & Hove. In June 2016 a new Brighton Traveller site accommodated 12 homeless Irish Traveller families of 60 people, including 40 children. 16 children are secondary school age (10 boys, 6 girls) and 19 primary school age (10 boys, 9 girls). A transit site attached accommodates 23 families with up to 120 children for 3 months at a time.