WIN Charities


2015 IYF Grant was awarded towards Lynton Close Young Company: funding to continue the successful and popular creative learning project for the children living on the Lynton Close traveller site in Brent which aims to enhance literacy skills, provide opportunities to work with professional artists to develop creativity, build community cohesion, and improve the behaviour and communication skills of the participants.

Storytellers, spoken word artists, poets and performers will visit the site to deliver ten 4-week cycles of performances and writing workshops for children aged 7-12 years, providing them with the opportunity to work with professional artists and practitioners.

Weekly workshops will improve the children’s confidence in writing, sharing ideas, working collaboratively and listening to others. Each week they will get an opportunity to see a high-quality live performance, which will inspire their own work.

The Tricycle Theatre is situated in the borough of Brent, which is home to one of the largest Irish groups in London. The borough is also home to one of the main Traveller sites in London – Lynton Close, which is recognised as one of the most disengaged Traveller sites in the UK.

The Tricycle aims to promote, maintain, improve and advance education solely for the benefit of the public, particularly by the production of plays, and the encouragement of the arts generally;

provide a community resource for people aged 18 and upwards through visual and performing arts activities, and creative workshops both on and off-site for marginalised community groups.