WIN Bursaries Launch

Inaugural WIN bursaries in education and the arts – to be awarded July 2019

WIN was founded in 1998 to help Irish women overcome challenges they encounter in the workplace, as well as to thrive and to be successful in their chosen walks of life. As anyone knows, the golden rule is to send the elevator back down once you make it to the top, so WIN is excited to announce our next initiative.

In addition to continuing to support charities and projects dedicated to the service of women and children, WIN is also announcing the launch of two bursaries for women. In honour of International Women’s Day, applications will open in March 2019. Watch our website and social media for updates and announcements.

The bursaries will be awarded in the amount of £3,000 for a postgraduate degree and £3,000 for an individual working on a project in the Arts. All applicants please read through the full application criteria and terms document by clicking ‘Apply Now’ at the bottom of this page. Applications will be accepted from March 8th through May 31st. (This deadline was then extended to the end of June, but applications are no longer being accepted.) Applicants will then be shortlisted for oral presentations to the WIN board, after which the bursaries will be awarded at the end of July.

WIN Education Bursary

Application criteria:


  • Female
  • Of Irish heritage
  • Organisation providing the education must be based in the United Kingdom and registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers. However, education itself need not necessarily be UK-based, e.g. period of study abroad is allowable
  • Educational qualification level = Masters’ degree and above or the equivalent;
  • Any subject area

WIN Arts Bursary

Application criteria:


  • Female
  • Of Irish heritage
  • Any creative/creative arts-related activity;
  • If the activity is provided through/by an organisation, the organisation must be based in the UK and a member of the UK Arts Board
  • The activity must be undertaken in the UK




Any questions about applying for one of our new bursaries? Please email

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